Concept Of Faith Based Organizations ( Fbos ) For Multiple Reasons

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FBOs I’ll get this out of the way, I personally dislike the concept of Faith Based Organizations (FBOs) for multiple reasons. First, because of the role western religions historically had in regard to African culture and colonization. Secondly, because of the premise of FBOs and what they say about human nature. Finally, because of my own personal aversions towards faith and religion. I believe religion should be a personal pursuit, every great religious war and act of terror was due to people feeling entitled to disseminate their personal beliefs onto others. I believe religion is coping mechanism for the unpredictability of the world we live in, and helps us to navigate the near infinite risks and possibilities of daily living. But, it is inherently individualistic because when it comes to religion, monotheistic religions at least, the bible and the Koran, the individual ascribes the religion onto him/herself as he or she sees fit. This is how some American Christians get away with wearing polyester while other Christian “cults” will balk at such a thing. This is how a homosexual can be a Christian and a Christian can express homophobia and both can be right. How can something so freeform and malleable be imposed onto others to create order? Yet, this is what many Faith Based Organizations seek to achieve. Many missionaries and Faith Based Organizations believe that salvation is the key to saving the African peoples and that they’re the agents of god to cause that…

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