Essay about Computer Viruses Are Created By People

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For those of us who have owned computers for a few years now, have, without a doubt had an experience with a computer virus of some sort. Have you ever wondered how, or even why these viruses got started in the first place? We know that computer viruses are created by people. Someone has to write the code and test it. That someone also has to figure out the attack phase. This attack phase may come in the form of a silly message popping up on the screen, all the way to the destruction of the hard disk. But, for goodness sake, why? There are at least three good reasons why people do this. Some people do it for the thrill. It is the same kind of psychology that causes people to vandalize gravestones, start a fire, or spray graffiti. For some people, creating and spreading a virus is like watching a bomb explode inside someone 's computer, that can be detonated when given the appropriate signal. The need to conquer can drive some people to a world of destruction. For some people, the drive to the mountains is not good enough. They need to climb the mountain and conquer it. It is the same way of thinking for people who want to create a virus. If there is a security hole in the system, they want to exploit or control rather than watch to see if anyone else notices. Instead of telling someone about the hole, they will insert a virus just to prove there was a hole in the security. Those individuals either do not care or have no idea about just how much their action affect and…

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