Composer, Igor Fyodorvich Stravinsky Essay

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Neoclassicism taken literally is new classical which can be understood as a return to the classical style. The neoclassical idea of returning to the classics in a new style is one that moved through several art forms starting from the scholastic community in the mid-18th century. The essence of neoclassical was that it brought many scholars and artists back to Grecian classics which came to be part of their classics. Music was one of the last art forms touched by the neoclassicism idea, and even then it only occurred several decades into the 19th century. Of all the neoclassical composers, Igor Fyodorvich Stravinsky is the one that is the most well known in the music world for his contributions to the creation of the style. Stravinsky’s music often emphasizes neoclassicism with its reduction of string scoring and emphasizing on brass and woodwinds. There is no doubt that Stravinsky was a talented composer which is part of what makes him such an interesting topic of research for many. Due to Stravinsky’s prolific work that led music into a whole new style, students of music tend to overlook a large part of Stravinsky as a musician. Stravinsky was able to incorporate new and old ideas to build them into his current style and develop something new while retaining classical characteristics. Forgetting this concept while studying Stravinsky will leave out the essence of what makes Stravinsky such a great musician. It is for this purpose that we must take an in depth look at…

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