Competitive Intelligence Predicament Essay

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Problem Statement
• Miguel Vasquez, a new product manager for a biotechnology company, was handed with some competitive intelligence from another competing firm.
• The said information, handed to him by his boss, contained proprietary and confidential information that can give a competitive advantage to the firm.
• This information was obviously obtained using an illegal tap into the competing firm’s servers.
• With no clear policy on matters that pertain to the above scenario, Miguel is left wondering what to do with the information given to him. Will he use the illegally obtained data for their benefit knowing full well the manner in which the information was obtained or will he opt to
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This lack of knowledge may be detrimental for the firm especially if they do not exercise diligence in gathering their own market data.

3. Confront the boss and let him know your thoughts on the matter, use the information that was given to you and then either leave the company or the department to pursue other work functions that no longer involve similar ethical issues.

Advantages: Using the data will possibly be beneficial for the company for reasons cited above. Confronting the boss would also send that message that while you condone this one act, you will no longer tolerate future acts and that you would opt to stay with a more morally correct work function.

Disadvantages: You will still be subject to any ramifications, both ethical and legal, since you still have used the data. Moving to another department or company might provide you with better prospects in the future but what was done in the past may still affect one that was involved in such acts.

Recommendations and Conclusions
As mentioned above, ethics is about making choices, and with this in mind, the choice that one has to make should be a result of a stringent critical analysis process that balances the presents needs of the company with that of a morally correct course of action. The best possible solution here is to not use the data and instead concentrate your efforts and thoughts on developing a plan that is possibly far superior to the competing

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