Essay on Competition And Happiness By Theodore Isaac Rubin

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Competition and Happiness
In the essay “Competition and Happiness”, Theodore Isaac Rubin argues that competition limits people’s ability to lead pleasant and happy lives by destroying one’s inner self and relationship among people. Disagreeing with the most people, Rubin thinks that competition causes a “self-depleting cycle” making people feel self-abased and isolated. Through competition, people are always comparing themselves to other people, so they are never satisfied and happy. According to Rubin, in Switzerland, a country without competition, the relationship among students is much closer than other countries. However, in the United States, even good friends can be separated because of competition. This difference illustrates how competition changes interpersonal relations. So, under a competitive environment, it is hard for people to trust others and to build relationship. More importantly, people are losing the ability of self-realization, because their self- evaluation is compared to how other people do; therefore, people don’t have a neutral view of themselves. Consequently, Rubin believes that “competition brings out the worst,” and it restricts people’s ability to lead wonderful lives. However, I believe that competition brings much more positive than negative effects to people’s lives, because it can help to build intimate relations, create a developed and stable society and inspire people’s potential. In my opinion, these elements are necessary to live a…

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