Comparison Of New England And Southern Colonies Essay

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Comparison of New England and Southern Colonies

British New World Colonies were established in different regions of the present day East Coast of North America, but the motives for establishment, social, political, and economic aspects couldn’t have varied more greatly. The different terrains of land and relationships with Britain seemed to set the colonies and their settlers more different than alike, but with their shared economic roots in agriculture, variant importance of religion, and “a distinctive identity as British colonists” the British New World Colonies unified as one (Roark, pg. 158).

The first New England Colony was established in 1620 with a group of Puritan separatists arriving in Plymouth. The Massachusetts Bay Company chartered a larger group of settlers to begin the Massachusetts colony about 10 years later. Along with the help of Natives, the first New England Colonies became immensely more prosperous than the prior British attempts at settlements in the regions of the Chesapeake Bay area. In 1636, the New England Colonies soon became a destination of religious tolerance with the introduction of Rhode Island and for the Congregationalists who still needed to be devoutly religious, Connecticut. Families in the New England Colonies typically travelled from Britain together. This resulted in an equal ratio of men to women and the population grows mainly from natural increase. The healthy climate of the region also benefited the New England Colonists…

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