Comparison Of Family In The Metamorphosis By Frank Kafka

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How would you feel if you woke up as a big humongous cockroach? In The Metamorphosis by Frank Kafka, one of the main characters, Gregor Samsa, turns into one. Gregor and I share some similarities when it comes to family and work. What makes us different is our families income class. I agree with Gregor’s decision that he was becoming a burden to his own family. However, what I disagree with was Gregor’s decision to stop eating in order to kill himself. What I would have done differently than Gregor in the story was to continue to eat. This might change the theme of the story to “having a taste of your own medicine.” My family is very important to me and so is Gregor’s in the story. I know this because in the story Gregor says, “If I didn’t …show more content…
What made me to believe this was the text that said, “Who in this exhausted and overworked family had time to pay any more attention to Gregor than was absolutely necessary? The household seemed to shrink” (Kafka and Mays 527), Now that Gregor was deemed useless to his family. They had to step up and take responsibility like Gregor had done for them when he was working as a salesman. With his sister working as a salesgirl and his father as commissionaire, they were always busy and the roles switched. Gregor was now at home relaxing while his family was out working. There was no time to check on Gregor, see how he was doing, or tend to his needs. His family even had to sell their jewels, which the mother and sister had once worn on special occasions in order to put food on the …show more content…
What I would have done instead was to keep continuing to eat because his family deserves to feel how he felt when he was busting his back for them. I came to this conclusion because in the story it says “Gregor was now eating almost nothing at all. Only sometimes, happening to pass the food that had been put out for him” (Kafka and Mays 529). Gregor is the most important character because he busted his back to support his family and Gregor treated his family way better than they treated him. Gregor wanted to die because he felt like he was adding weight to the load his family already had on their shoulders. He felt if he would die it would take a little weight off their load, plus his family wanted him to die anyway. They didn’t see him as their son anymore. They saw him as a normal regular cockroach. There was no reason for Gregor to kill himself. Maybe there was a way he could transform back and his family could have split up the work. So, no one was working harder than someone else instead of letting their son burden all the

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