Comparison Of Amendment Power And Procedure With Foreign Countries

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“No work of man is perfect. It is inevitable that in the course of time, the imperfections of a written constitution will become apparent. Moreover, the passage of time will bring changes in society, which a constitution must accommodate if it is to remain suitable for the nation. It was imperative, therefore, that a practicable means of amending the constitution be provided.”
Thomas Jefferson

Time is not stable. Instance changes according in the direction of necessitate of the life and the social order, the life of the nation is not stable, but dynamic, living and animate. Social traditions and principles change from time to time creating new troubles and altering the conclusion of old formerly. It is consequently, quit probable so as to a constitution drafted in one epoch, and in a particular situation, may be found insufficient in another age another context. The thought upon which a Constitution is based is one age group might be repudiates or refuse because old fashioned in the next generation. It therefore becomes essential to encompass some machinery, some process, by which the constitution may be adapted from time to time in accordance with present national needs. The revision of constitutional plan is of attention, in large part, for the reason that constitutions can be amended from time to time. Not every constitutional procedure or constraint will stand the test of time,…

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