Essay about Comparison Between The Sexes, A Great Divide

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In Quindlen’s essay, “Between the Sexes, a Great Divide,” the purpose of her essay is to demonstrate the vast differences between the two sexes. She exhibits the purpose successfully by using anecdotes throughout the essays, in many places throughout, all holding relevance to the differing mindsets of the sexes. She also utilizes syntax and diction to further emphasize her point. The thesis that is purported is, despite the differences that are astoundingly immense that separates the sexes, they will continue to attempt to mingle about, with these differing roles and standards serving as obstacles. Quindlen uses an anecdote in the introduction of her essay to set the tone and theme of the piece. When she uses the anecdote of middle school kids being too nervous to confront each other, she takes advantage to explain her point of view of the situation, already defining the “divide” between the sexes. It supports her point by using a realistic scenario and within the context; it can be easily provable with the miniscule details that exemplifies the awkwardness between the two parties. She also uses a simile in the introduction, “None of us would consciously know it then, but what we were seeing, that great empty space in the center of the floor as fearful as a trapdoor, was the great division between the sexes” (241), in which she uses the trapdoor as a major element of the simile, giving “trapdoor” the connotations of something that is irreversible and is a trap that leads…

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