Essay about Comparison Between Scientologists And Manichaeans

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Comparison of Scientologists and Manichaeans A constant through much of the known history of human civilization has been the attempt to understand and explain the unknown. This ranges from what lies underground to the vastness of the universe that lies behind the sky and even explores how the world came to be as well as what happens after a person dies. A common explanation for these questions have been rooted in different religions throughout time and different regions of the world. Typically, there is an orthodox belief system, or a proto-orthodox one that will become common practice, but still there are exceptions to this. Whether the religion is one of common practice or belief or not, the objective remains the same, to answer questions about the unknown. Two religious groups that do not fit under the orthodox or proto-orthodox molds are the Manichaeans and the Scientologists. These groups, while separated by more than a thousand years, both attempt to answer questions about the unknown in ways that separate from common orthodox belief. In an attempt to compare and contrast the religious aspects of the Manichaeans and the Scientologists, including their leaders, their beliefs, and their esoteric qualities, one can understand their similarities and differences. To first understand Scientology one must look at the founder of the religion L. Ron Hubbard, or known to some as LRH. To say that LRH was a man of many talents would be an understatement. LRH held many…

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