Comparison Between Leopold And Loeb

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Leopold and Loeb committed such a gruesome, cold-blooded, and sensational misdemeanor that everyone worldwide knew about it. Out of the two, Loeb was the dominant male, but both were homosexual. At the age of fourteen and fifteen, Leopold began to develop a strong love towards Loeb. He saw Loeb as his king and wanted to be his slave who could protect and save his life. The proclivity driven to pursue the crime was Leopold’s consent to be Loeb’s partner, if Loeb had sex with Leopold. Leopold told the psychiatrists about his obsession with Loeb: “I’m jealous of the food and drink he takes because I cannot come as close to him as does his food and drink” (Bernard 310). Leopold was in it for the sensual part of the crime, and did not experience any remorse whatsoever. The two worked well together for the amount of time …show more content…
Furthermore, when the body was dumped, Leopold and Loeb went back to Loeb’s house, burned all of the blood-stained clothes in Loeb’s furnace, and washed the blood-stains out of Leopold’s car. Later that night, they mailed a ransom note saying that Franks was invulnerable but instructions were on the way of how to pay the ten-thousand dollars. Quickly the next morning, someone had discovered the body, found a pair of eyeglasses which were quickly traced back to Leopold because only three people in Chicago had had them made like that. Leopold quickly confessed that he was just birdwatching nearby. Leopold’s chauffeur said, “He had been repairing Leopold’s car all day, and in the evening he saw the boys washing the floor of a strange car” (Bernard 308). Additionally, the police had found an Underwood typewriter used to write the ransom note. However, Leopold claimed that he owned a Hammond typewriter. Many reporters quickly discovered Leopold did indeed own an Underwood typewriter. All of these horrific details started adding up, and people began noticing who the suspects might

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