Comparison Between Derek And Allie Essay

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Derek and Allie had put an offer on a home just off Wellington Street, in London, Ontario. They hired a Home Inspector to assure them, they were buying a well-built home. The Home Inspector was certified and required a contract to be signed by Derek and Allie which included a final written report. After 45 days Derek and Allie had discovered a severe leak in their roof, from a rain storm. Two levels of their home had extensive interior damages. They are in our office to find out whether they can sue their Home Inspector for damages.


Derek and Allie hired a Home Inspector to inspect their potential home in London Ontario. Derek and Allie met and viewed the home with the Home Inspector, and he showed his credentials. The Home Inspector gave a contract to Derek and Allie to sign which listed all inspected areas that would be covered. Derek and Allie followed the inspector around the home to see what he was analyzing, and the inspector gave helpful comments. The Home Inspector did not have a ladder, and no ladder was on the property, and they never saw him inspect the roof properly. The Home Inspector handed back his report, which stated no major issues with the home, and left.
After 45 days Derek and Allie moved in, and a heavy rainstorm had started which then a leak broke out from the roof. New cracks and water were pouring in from the ceiling in the upstairs master bedroom. The leaks also went down to the main floor ceiling. Derek and…

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