Comparing The Ramayana Comic Book And The Ayodhya Epic Poem Essay

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After reading the Ramayana comic book and the two Sanskrit versions of this epic poem, I decided to focus on the excerpt Ayodhya to compare to the comic book. Similarly, various texts when translated, can be interpreted inconsistently as to how the writer had originally intended or as the audience is supposed to interpret the text. We see that in these texts, when comparing them there are some major differences, from which questions may arise. Some questions presented may be, “What is the right interpretation?” or “Why might this have been interpreted differently in the poem and in the comic book?”. This paper will discuss major differences recognized in the Ramayana comic book and the Ayodhya epic poem excerpt. Key propositions that I have chosen to discuss include: how characters are portrayed differently in the two texts, the possible intended audience for each of the texts, and overall why we see these recognizable differences when comparing these two texts. First, when reading and analyzing the Ramayana comic and the Ayodhya epic poem, you notice that the comic encompasses the entirety of this ancient Indian epic, whereas the poem had a more keyed in focus on the events of Rama’s banishment into the forest, yet again this was just an excerpt from a longer poem. Not only do you see a difference in the length of how the story is told but you are introduced to so much more detail when you read the poem version rather than just the comic book.
Furthermore, a key section…

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