Comparing The Federalist And Anti Federalists Essay

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Drew Hysjulien James Madison Paper 3

Despite endorsing radically different visions for the institutional set up of government, both the federalist and anti-federalists had very similar end goals to their governmental system. Revolutionary leaders from both sides agreed that it was essential for government to protect the rights and liberties of their citizens, promote the common good, and that governments were to be republican and endorsed by popular sovereignty. The Anti-Federalist feared a consolidation of the states, whereas the Federalists feared the anarchy of sovereign states. In regards to popular rule the Anti-Federalists believed this would be best obtained from state governments, as they were closest to the people and best reflected the unique culture and customs of their constituencies. The Anti-Federalists had a belief that local governments could restrain government, promote the common good, and protect individual liberty, as the people would be most able to hold the government accountable in a more local system. The Federalist rejected this argument they believed that factions could easily gain control of these local governments to destroy the rights and liberties of the people. Thus, to restrain government they designed a complex system of check and balances to prevent any faction from destroying the liberties of the people, and to gain popular approval the people would directly endorse the Constitution in state conventions. The Federalists viewed the…

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