Comparing The Expendables Iv, A Case Study Of Familial Ties Essay

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The Expendables IV, A Case Study of Familial Ties in Frankenstein

“Frankenstein” by Mary Shelley is a novel with a frame structure storyline strung between two characters. It begins with Walton’s letters to his sister, describing both his own journey and the story belonging to a stranded stranger he meets on the ice. The stranger’s name is Victor Frankenstein, and Walton’s letters quickly evolve into a narration of Frankenstein’s journey around the world chasing a demon which the scientist gave life to. The novel closes shortly after Frankenstein’s death, when a visit from the man’s beastly creation shakes Walton to the core. The story of Walton, friend to Frankenstein and witness to the fall of Frankenstein’s monster, is one which indicates that barrier made between friends and family exists in the world of human connections as a survival precaution. This is because the unwritten laws of friendship demand open honesty, while inlaid family ties act as a refuge from the truth, and rather are deemed to support without restraint or judgement. The power of human connections and the degree to which each is fostered ties heavily into Walton’s purpose as a character in the novel.

Within the novel, Walton’s own blood relations are few and far between. The novel mentions briefly the presence of Walton’s father as a deterring force who rejected Walton’s dreams of sea exploration at a young age while his sister Margret is the target audience for Walton’s letters and the novel…

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