Comparing The Dream In John Steinbeck's Of Mice And Men

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Everybody has a dream, like In the book Of Mice and Men, the author John Steinbeck repeats again and again “the dream” that Lennie and George have. You should start by knowing what the dream is. The dream is this little place in the forest secluded where they live off the fatta land. They have many different animals including the bunny’s which is really important too lennie. Also part of the dream is that Lennie really wants to tend the rabbits. This “dream” is repeated again and again throughout the book, it showing the motherland or heaven there trying to get to.
It keeps repeating the dram to make everything happier even though everything around them isn’t always the best, it’s their dream and where they want to be if everything works perfect. Like the first time he says it on page 13 and 14 when they just stopped fighting. “Then he opened the second can. From his side pocket he brought out two spoons and passed one to Lennie. They sat by the fire and filled their mouths.” This shows telling it gets them both happy like
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Like on page 106, the last time he say’s it to Lennie right before George takes his life to remind him there is a better place where he can’t hurt anyone. “ George raised his gun his hand shook, please tell me George, We going to get a nice little place, maybe a pig and a couple of chickens, and down in the flat well have a alfalfa------- for the rabbits, Lennie shouted, an live on the fatta the lan.….. Go on, george, when we goin to do it. Gonna do it soon………. Les do it now le’s get that place now…. He raised the gun and shot.” In this time of terror right after Lennie accidentally killed Curley’s wife. It gives him hope that he’ll get threw it where he can’t hurt anyone. That there is hope that there is a better place than where he is. This is one of many examples it’s repeated to calm Lennie down it a heaven for him and it works

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