Comparing Self-Denial In Oedipus The King And Willy Loman

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Oedipus the King and Death of a salesman are tragic play. In addition,the theme of self-denial can be seen in both play. The protagonists, Willy Loman and Oedipus, are blinded by pride which lead to the development of their self-denial behavior. Oedipus thinks he has the absolute power while Willy thinks he is always right. They are self-centered. However, their pride leads to their downfalls. In both plays, self-denial is illustrated in differently ways, Oedipus denies the prophecy, whereas, Willy Loman denies his own failures. In Oedipus the King, after Teiresias tells Oedipus that he is the one who killed Laios and the prophecy is true, Oedipus furiously accuses him for making up the story. “Blind in your eyes. Blind in your ears. Blind

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