Comparing Plato 's Apology And Apology Essay

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In Plato’s “Apology”, Plato is retelling the story of Socrates’ trial. Socrates is being officially charged by the state for corrupting the youth by spreading new ideas and questioning people’s beliefs. More specifically, he is being accused of being an evil-doer that teaches new ideas and beliefs and takes money in return for his wisdom. In “Apology” Socrates is giving a speech to defend his actions to defend his right of practising as a philosopher. My argument is that Socrates benefits the city and its citizens in a positive way, he does it without participation in politics and he benefits everyone alike in society.
Socrates lacks the knowledge of anything “really beautiful and good” (29) and yet he benefits both the city and the citizens. He is a philosopher who has dedicated his life to helping people find meaning in their lives by critically examining themselves and the world around them. During his trial Socrates tells the story of how Chaerephon, a friend of his went to the god of Delphi and asked whether or not there was anyone wiser than Socrates. The oracle replied that there was not. This bold assumption can be backed up by Socrates’ words, “What is the interpretation of his riddle? For I know that I have no wisdom, small or great.” (29). He is humble and he does not believe himself to be the wisest or know the most, which in return actually makes him even wiser. Socrates is aware of how much he knows. He is under no illusions, showing consistently he has no…

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