Comparing Perinatal Experiences For Women With Low Socioeconomic Status

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Annotated Bibliography
King, P. (2014). Cultural Differences in Perinatal Experiences for Women with Low Socioeconomic Status. Health & Social Work, 211-220.
Perinatal depression is an outcome that is related to childbearing in which a small percentage of women experience during pregnancy and shortly after giving birth. An individual’s cultural background allows the relationship between race, ethnicity, and culture quite difficult to define in terms of perinatal depression. The main focus of this article is to highlight the similarities and differences associated with women with low-SES by race and ethnicity. Their birth process or circumstances were examined in great detail as well to illustrate the group demographics and differences. The ultimate goal of this study was to better understand the context of sociocultural and environmental factors associated with low-SES women of perinatal experiences. A sample of 32 women were put into focus groups that were arranged by race or ethnicity. The lack of socioeconomic resources allowed the women to experience different forms of poverty that were all based on race. For example African American women experience more insufficient resources while receiving government assistance meanwhile white women focused on income. Among women were more so focused on health as a financial stability being that disease and illness affected their ability to earn income. From a cultural perspective race, ethnicity, and nativity interacted with the…

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