Comparing Octavia Butler 's Dawn And The Film District 9 Essay

1779 Words Dec 13th, 2016 8 Pages
Contrary to what one might think when comparing Octavia Butler’s Dawn and the film District 9 they share more than just solely being in the alien science fiction genre. Though they indeed differ in many ways, both focus on themes regarding manipulation, alienation and xenophobia, consequently leading the protagonist to experience cognitive dissonance and subsequent reflection upon one’s sense of self-identity. Both protagonists, Lilith and Wikus, after experiencing alien genetic mutation exhibit mental stress regarding the duality of conflicting notions about their former self and accepting the reality of their new identity. Focusing on specific individual examples in Dawn and then in District 9 relating to these themes and afterward detailing the similarities and differences helps encourage interesting interpretations of the literature and film. Focusing first on the fictional novel, Dawn, Butler conveys the story of the repercussions from a World War III nuclear battle on Planet Earth, where the few remaining human beings have been rescued and transported onto the Oankali’s species spaceship. However, what later comes to fruition is what the Oankali’s true intentions were for saving the human race, for gene trading or interbreeding with the humans. One of the most telling and interesting scenes in the beginning of the novel was Lilith’s awakening to one of the Oankali in her holding room. This scene parallels Lilith’s literal "awakening" from sleep and the "awakening" of…

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