Comparing Michel Mutu´s Work And Michel Keck's Work

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‘I’ve always enjoyed but also slightly suffered from the understanding that what’s going on inside of you and what people are seeing from the outside is not necessarily the same thing [...]’ ~ Wangechi Mutu. This quote has influenced me on why we create the artwork we do, we all have different perceptions on how we see and what we see, we all have different meanings to things and collage is one thing makes this statement even more interesting

In this essay I am going to explore on of Mutu’s Work alongside Michel Keck’s Work and compare their work to my practice. I find that our work has a connection in the materials we use and how we use our materials in different ways. I am going to study on how each of these artists uses collage to get
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This abstract collage works very well together, each key elements of the dogs figure helps it keep its breed known, without having to look at the title. The way Keck has used pieces of collage has had an influence of the effect it has on the dog. She has ripped the pieces of collages and she has also cut round pieces of collage to create a more straighter, broad outline. This technique is very useful to express the meaning of that particular collage piece, whether it is to blend in with the background or if it is to stand out from the background and that is what Keck has done here; she has ripped collage for the background to make it blend in slightly with the graph paper behind and having the dog collage pieces cut out to stand forward from the background which is very effective. In my collages, I tend to think quite a lot whether I rip a piece of collage or a cut round it. For example in Fig 3 I ripped the dark and gloomy pieces, such as the lighting and the woman from Salvador Dali’s painting, ’The Burning Giraffe’ 1937 as I wanted them to appear more ridged and more aroused, to relate more to the meaning of the collage, to make them more blended slightly. Going back to Kecks Collage she also uses her own drawings in her collages, which is something that I haven’t explored with, this seems to be expressed in a more solid form with the piece of collage cut out and it also allows the dog head to be more eye …show more content…
My work varies from meanings, I like to create work that has a strong meaning to me, sometimes relating them to dreams and also relating to feelings I am experiencing at the time, I also find it therapeutic to create work that can relate to my feelings, but I do also create work that may have a meaning, but not necessarily relating to me personally. A comment on Kecks website ‘In addition to being wholly original, her work is powerful, exudes emotion and can be, at times, both dark and uplifting simultaneously [...]’. This statement is very true, Kecks work is very original and I have not yet found an artist that uses a similar technique or style and her work is bright and abostact that makes it more uplifting. With the collage I am looking at, placing a metal piece of collage on a Boxer dog’s mouth is expressing how strong Boxer’s jaws are; and for using ripped collage for this and a metal like material, it really does sums up and makes sense why this type of collage piece was

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