Essay about Comparing Legends And The Figures

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Historically legends and the figures they are about have been ways that civilizations have retold their history. The difference is that through the retelling of these stories the events become exaggerated and the figures become larger than life. This point is no truer than in the life and lordship of Britain’s “Once and Future King,” Arthur. Of all legends, those of King Arthur stand out above the rest. The great king who led his army with a just and fair hand and ruled over a legendary utopia that lasted only as long as his rule. Many historians argue over the historicity of the character citing how there are no definitive remains, and the locations and periods of both his kingdom and great battles are next to impossible to pinpoint. The goal of this paper is to discuss a couple of the debated points of the Arthurian legend. The main points of interest are, the figures that historians believe Arthur to be based on and the possible locations of Camlann the final battleground of Arthur. The first objective to finding the historical Arthur is to strip him of all of the romanticized depictions. To do this one must first cast out the mental images of the gallant knights following a benevolent king. The reason for this is because many of these views were added later to the figure to give certain groups like the Church a figure to use as a model to live by or to use as a basis for their claims at wealth and land ownership . Once this imagery is taken from the figure, it will…

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