Comparing Jezebel And A Streetcar Named Desire Essay

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Jezebel (1938) and A Streetcar Named Desire (1951) are both films that are adapted from plays and set in New Orleans, Louisiana. Although the two works are depicting different periods in history, they explore similar conflicts and themes. Jezebel and A Streetcar Named Desire both demonstrate that females are the inferior gender. Both films exhibit a female leading character, Julie Marsden and Blanche DuBois, portrayed by Bette Davis and Vivien Leigh, respectfully. Because females do not enjoy the same respect and dominance as the males do in the films, both Julie and Blanche challenge this standard and attempt to gain control through manipulation. Manipulation is a prevalent theme in both films and is not limited to just females, but is used by anyone who feels the need to influence others to get what they want. Set in the early 1850s and revolving around upper class citizens, Jezebel clearly establishes that females have a defined role in society and are expected to comply with those expectations. Julie is very rebellious and disregards the societal rules. She arrives late to her own party, she walks into the “exclusively male” bank, and she wears a “scandalous” color instead of the traditional, pure white at the Olympus Ball. The last action is what ultimately drives Preston Dillard (Henry Fonda), her former fiancé away. Julie is accustomed to Pres’s tolerant nature. An example that portrays this is when she is being “unladylike”, according to society, and he does not…

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