Comparing Jefferson Vs. Walker

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Nearly 150 years ago blacks were emancipated and protected under the Thirteenth Amendment. However, if we dig further back in history, we encounter two significant men who put their thoughts to paper in their famous writings well before the liberation of blacks in America. Thomas Jefferson’s “From Notes on the State of Virginia,” present ideas on the ways blacks are inferior to whites. David Walker argues against Jefferson’s ideas in his “Appeal in Four Articles,” in which Walker writes a public document for black rights and an immediate call for action. This essay will seek to fill the gaps of similarities and differences between David Walker’s ideas in comparison to those of Thomas Jefferson. In their writings, both Jefferson and Walker put emphasis on race, education, and slavery. For instance, in Walkers’ Appeal he states, “The whites have always been an unjust, jealous unmerciful…and blood thirsty set of beings, always seeking after power and authority” (Volume B, 794). In Jefferson’s Notes, the reader can see issues on race being brought up almost immediately through Jefferson saying, “The difference which strikes us is …show more content…
The gaps in their views bring a huge concern to Walker, especially those of slave history. Jefferson writes, “…the blacks’ condition is not so hard, as the slaves were under the Romans” (Volume B, 794). Walker is outraged by Jefferson’s words and says, “…that we, are the most wretched, degraded and abject set of beings…and that the white Americans having reduced us to the wretched state of slavery…” (Volume B, 792). Walker argues that America is just as much their country as it is the whites, that they “have enriched America with our blood and our tears” (Volume B, 792). This statement by Walker is extremely powerful; not only does it give a vivid image of what they are going through but also how their pain and suffering has strengthened

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