Essay about Comparing Darwin and Alfred Russel

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Introduction Charles Darwin born 12 February, 1809 was an English geologist and naturalist. Alfred Wallace born 8 January 1823 was a British explorer, naturalist, geographer, biologist and anthropologist. Darwin and Wallace are highly regarded for their significant contributions to the theories of evolution. It is very important to compare the individual lifestyles, contributions, and beliefs of Darwin and Wallace in order to develop a clear and comprehensive understanding of their concepts of natural selection in evolution. According to Janet Browne (2010) in her biography of Darwin, she describes the similarities in the life experiences of Darwin and Wallace that led them to independently arrive at the theory of natural selection. Both …show more content…
The basic differences between Charles Darwin and Alexander Wallace are based on where and how they developed their ideas on the theory of natural selection, their actions on collaboration and sharing of information, as well as the beliefs that shaped their position on natural selection. The following is a comprehensive analysis of the differences in Darwin’s and Wallace’s natural selection theories.
Discussion topics The first important difference is that Darwin started the formulation of his natural selection theory for more than twenty years before its publication while Wallace did it for a much shorter period of time. Darwin developed an interest in biology in 1828 while at the Cambridge University. He developed an early interest in the scientific ideas of Sedgwick Adam, a geologist, and John Henslow with whom he collected specimen around the university for a considerable period of time. By this time Darwin had been exposed to Lamarcks ideas on evolution. It was still during this early period in time that Darwin rejected the biological evolution concepts, similar to his mentors Sedgwick and Henslow. Darwin’s interest in biology grew after his graduation from Cambridge University and with the help of Henslow; he secured a dock on the expedition of British Navy mapping that was travelling around the world on a five year long voyage.

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