Comparing Buying A House By Gillian Goodman Essay

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Who? What? When? Why? How? These are the basic questions to ask yourself when you are trying to interpret or analyze a writing of essay. I have read three essays recently that I will analyze for you. Doing this I will help not only you understand the essay, but help myself dig further into the authors meaning. Essay number one is called “Two Ways to Belong in America” written by Bharati Mukherjee. Essay number two is called “Buying a House” written by Sean Prentiss. Last but not least essay three is called “The Company Man” written by Ellen Goodman. Now come along with me in this journey to delve deeper into the authors’ main argument. In the end we’ll figure out that they are more alike than you might think. When you write an essay what type of audience are you aiming to attract? Usually you might say, “well, I guess anyone who will read it.” But I think that every essay has its own purpose and meaning behind it. That meaning is most generally directed towards a certain group of people. For example, if I wrote an essay on the effects of littering and pollution in our lakes and rivers; my general intended audience would be people who are interested or affected by the pollution of our lakes and rivers. As I look through essays I read I try to pull out the audience that the author is trying to capture with their writing. Looking at essay one I can see just by the title that this essay is going to discuss either immigrants or immigration as a whole. Judging by that…

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