Comparing Buddhism And The Characteristics Of Prince Siddhartha

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Firstly, the Buddha is called Siddhartha. The son of the king named Suddhodana and the queen named Maya. At the age of five days, Lord Suddhodana invited eight Brahmins to foretell the characteristics of Prince Siddhartha. To offer prophecy and the youngest Brahmin named kondanna predict that Prince Siddhartha will be enlightened as the Buddha. When Prince Siddhartha grew up until he was 16 years old, he married and at the age of 29 he had a son. Prince Siddhartha was in the nostrils until one day he went out to see the city. He saw the old man, the patient, the dead person and the monk. He thinks birth is suffering, old age is suffering, disease is suffering and death is suffering. It makes him depressed and decided to ordain until …show more content…
Dukkha features suffering physical and suffering mentally. Suffering physical: 1.Suffering openly, such as headache 2.Suffering from starvation 3.Suffering from retribution 4.Suferring from quarrel 5.Suffering from birth 6.Suffering from old age and 7.Suffering from death 8.Suffering from luck, rank, praise and happiness. Suffering mentally: 1.Suffering from lust, rage and infatuation 2.Suffering from sadness because disappoint with something in life 3.Suffering from adhering 4.Suffering because of frustration and being forced 5.Suffering from meeting that do not love or dislike 6.Suffering caused from that you love and 7.Suffering from requirement or desire in something, but it does not fulfill one’s wish. In addition, the main causes of suffering are craving for sensuality, craving for existence and craving for annihilation. Craving for sensuality is desires that you want to possess, craving for existence is desires that stay and craving for annihilation is desires that go away from you. Although all teachings of the Buddha concern with Dukkha, but he also teaches about the path leading to extinction of suffering. The extinction of suffering has three types. 1.The precept by right speed, right action and right livelihood 2.The meditation by right effect, right mindfulness and right concentration and 3.Increase wisdom or knowledge by right understanding and right

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