Comparing Beowulf, Blackheart, And Are Genetically Foods Scary?

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Taking risks is part of everyday life. You take a risk driving to work or school. You 're always taking risks at work, depending what you do. In unit 5 we read stories that all had to do with risk taking. The stories we read were Beowulf, Blackheart by Mark Brazaitis, and Are Genetically Modified Foods Scary? By Paloma Reyes.

The story Beowulf is a unique because it was the first book written in the english language. Since the book was written so long ago the original author is unknown and the story is passed down by hearsay. Beowulf is a fictional character the is the main idea of a superhero. He’s stronger than the average man. For example” He twisted in pain, and the bleeding sinews deep in his shoulder snapped, muscle and bone split and broke. The battle was over, beowulf had been granted new glory.” (pg 338) For Beowulf to be a hero he had to take massive risks. In Beowulf 's last battle he walks up to the dragon that had been terrorizing his city. That was his biggest risks he took. At the end of the battle Beowulf is severely injured but still ends up killing the dragon. Towards the end of beowulf 's death he gives his armor and necklace to wiglaf. He said “ Then the brave king gave the golden necklace from around his throat to wiglaf, gave him his gold-covered helmet and his rings, and his mail shirt and ordered him to use them well.” (215) This phrase also shows what kind of person beowulf is.

In another fictional story Blackheart, a little girl named emily is…

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