Comparing and Contrasting. Nettles, Harmonium and Praise Song For My Mother.

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Compare and Contrast 3 poems from AQA GCSE Anthology, Moon on the Tides.

In this piece of writing I will be comparing and contrasting 3 poems. Which are ‘Praise Song for my mother’, ‘Harmonium’ and ‘Nettles.

The title of each poem describes exactly what it is and what is about. ‘Praise Song for my Mother’ is not actually a poem, it is a praise son. Which in Guyana (where Grace Nichols was born) it is something written after a person close to them has dies. It is written to commemorate and rejoice about a persons life. ‘Nettles’ is a story about a Scannells son who falls into a pit of stinging nettles. Finally, ‘Harmonium’, ‘Harmonium’ almost says what it’s about in its title. If you break it down it makes harmony, which symbolises
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Each stanza consist of three lines apart from the last. The lines in the stanzas get progressively longer, making the stanzas look like stairs. Whereas in Harmonium there are four stanzas, with no consistent pattern or rhythm to it. Which could suggest that there was no consistency within Armitages’ relationship with his father.

Because Scannell was in WWII he uses a lot of military metaphors in his poetry. For example in ‘Nettles’ he uses words such as ‘Regiment, Recruits, Spears and Wounds’. He does this to try and make the nettles stand out as being the enemy in this situation, which clearly they are as they have inflicted pain upon his son. In ‘Praise Song’ the first line of each stanza says ‘You were’ which is reflecting on how she feels about her mother. This is also speaking in the past tense, so this means that her mother has passed away and is a memorial poem, or as is said in Guyana a Praise Song. For example ‘You were water to me’ which could mean that her mother was what kept her alive. This really expresses how much Nichols’ mother was there for her and how much her mother cared for her. At the end of the poem when Nichols says, ‘Go to your wide futures you said’ suggests that her mother is blessing her as an adult. This is very similar to Harmonium as both relationships have really stood the test of time, this is expressed in Harmonium when Armitage says ‘For a hundred

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