Comparing Alcott's The Adventures Of Huckleberry Finn And Little Women

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In the texts Little Women and "Huckleberry Finn chapter 1," the authors Mark Twain and Louisa May Alcott both shape their characters with dialogue instead of directly describing them. They instead describe their characters utilizing the characters' personal values and experiences. Both authors describe the theme of their stories utilizing particular examples of dialogue, description, and narrative amongst and circumventing the characters. Louisa May Alcott's Little Women and Mark Twain's "The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn, Chapter one," are similar and contrasting in many ways. Both authors describe and present different themes in their stories. In Little Women, the theme the author and characters present is intrinsic motivation. In "The Adventures …show more content…
In Little Women, Alcott describes more than one theme using mostly dialogue. For example, Alcott describes a theme of not being selfish throughout the whole story. In paragraph 11 Amy is described as being selfish when she wants to get her mother a more minuscule thing so she can still get something for herself. Then, in paragraphs 27 and 28, Amy gets a more sizable present for her mother because she was ashamed of her last present and she wanted to endeavor and not be selfish anymore. Amy is then greeted by a hug from her sister Meg, a compliment from her sister Jo, and a rose to put on her present from her sister Beth. A second theme that is described in the second half of "little Women," is the theme of loving your neighbor. This theme is introduced in paragraph 32 when the March sisters' mother comes and tells them about the immigrant family, explicating their situation. Then the theme is carried out in paragraphs 33-44 when all the sisters want to avail bring food and drinks to the poor family. Lastly, in paragraph 45, a third theme, intrinsic motivation, is introduced. This theme is introduced when Meg verbalizes, "That's loving our neighbor better than ourselves, and I like it," which means that her and her sisters will perpetuate to avail others but not because they are getting rewarded, but that they are rewarding themselves knowing they did the right thing and made somebody else feel keen. In "Huckleberry Finn Chapter 1," Twain describes the theme of "pursuit of happiness." He does this by having Huck describe how he wants to live and how he endeavors to live that way. For example, in paragraph two, Huck explains that he is living in some rags and a barrel but is feeling "free and satisfied." Huck was happy and proud with the way he lived until when Tom Sawyer told him that he was going to start a band of robbers and for Huck to be in it, he would

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