Essay on Comparing Adams with Backus and Chapian

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Theory Comparisons 1

Comparing and Contrasting

Crabb’s Effective Biblical Counseling with

Hawkins Model For Guiding

The Counseling Process

Craig L. Rich

Counseling 507

Dr. Evans

Liberty University

August 27, 2012

Comparing Theories 2 In this paper, I will discussing Crabb’s Effective Biblical Counseling (1977) and the Hawkins Model for Guiding the Counseling Process (n.d.). I will begin by describing each of these theories, than I will discuss their similarities and differences, and lastly, I will critique each of them. Hawkins Model for Guiding the Counseling Process
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In his description, he feels that the personality is made up of five basic aspects: conscious mind, unconscious mind, basic direction, will, and emotions. He describes the conscious mind as being how we talk to ourselves in our minds. Basic assumptions occur in what he refers to as the unconscious mind. The basic direction is the direction we as people willfully choose for ourselves. The freedom of choice that all of us possesses is what he refers to as the will. The final piece he describes, emotions, is our capacity to feel. Comparing Theories 4 Dr. Crabb also goes on to talk about how problems develop in people (1977). As he sees it, everything starts with a need that must be filled. Our motivation is the energy or the drive that we use to fulfill these needs. He than goes on to describe that most of us have basic assumptions that are wrong and need to be corrected. He describes goal oriented behavior as actions which work on getting our needs met. If healthy, this goal- oriented behavior will allow us to meet our goals. If the goal-oriented behavior is unhealthy than we end up becoming frustrated and problems develop. Comparison of the Two Theories One similarity between the two theories is that they are both biblically based. Another commonality between the two theories is that it

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