Essay on Compare the Great Gatsby and Hamlet

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8th of January 2012.

The Journal Of The Great Gatsby


The great Gatsby book started with a man telling us his father advised him never to criticize anyone , he said his father told him he should remember that all this people in this world haven't had the advantages that you've had and his father thought him how to be reserved. He also have good manners and a well honourable character. Nick just graduated from yale university and he moved to new york. Nick stayed in west egg a long island in new york, he describes his house as less fashionable and he compares his house with Mr Gatsby his neighbour, he described his house as a Gatsby mansion, nick says his house his an eyesore
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The party also shows how famous Gatsby is in new york. This chapter reminds me of the kite runner, it reminds me of how famous Baba is, and how so many people talk about him same as Gatsby, Gatsby is very famous and lots of people talk about him and also Baba and Gatsby were famous because of their wealth.Gatsby spends and lavishes his money on great party that he usually holds in his mansion, Gatsby invited Nick to one of his party, Nick felt he wasn't belong to the social class in the party but he attended the party, guests and people in the party constantly gossiped about Gatsby and how he got his wealth but everyone seem to be unsure. The party Gatsby held is a very luxurious one and Nick felt he he wasted money on the party, the crowd in the party continued to get louder and many people got drunk before the end of the party. Nick met jordan Baker in the party, Daisy's friend the one he met in her house, jordan and nick were talking before the both went out to listen to Mr Gatsby's speech, and he introduced the speech very well elaborate and formal. Nick realized that Mr Gatsby makes the party but he doesn't drink nor join the party he just stays on his own on the marble steps watching the guests. Gatsby then ordered a butler to tell jordan he would like to meet her, jordan left to see mr Gatsby while nick went to say bye to mr Gatsby and he left the party. Nick starts to walk home, he sees an owl eyes

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