Compare?Contrast Van Gogh and Chagall Essay example

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Comparte/Contrast Van Gogh and Chagall

For this essay, I chose to compare and contrast Vincent van Gogh’s “Starry Night” with Marc Chagall’s “I and the Village”. The two pieces are lovely and most interesting to evaluate in relationship to one another. I personally love both artists and upon closely examining these famous pieces, I have noticed how similar yet different these works of art are. Vincent van Gogh was a deeply troubled, post-impressionist artist and his painting “Starry Night” is his most famous piece. Working from memory, he painted the oil on canvas passing the time in Saint-Remy-de-Provence located in southern France while undergoing treatment in an insane asylum. The piece is very energetic with eleven fireball
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There is also a farmer with a scythe, pastures and a goat being milked. The two central figures are a large goat gazing into the eyes of a big green man with a cap on his head and a cross around his neck and a triangular tree in his hand that I personally believe represents the tree of life from The Bible. The painting most definitely possesses a significant amount of symbolism. The different sized circles are said to represent the earth’s revolution around the sun and the moon’s revolution around the earth. The circular structure in the lower left corner is widely interpreted to be a solar eclipse. The oil on canvas painting measures 75 inches by 59 inches, is his most famous work and is housed in the Museum of Modern Art in New York City. Both paintings depict quaint little villages beneath a night sky and convey a sense of harmony. They both contain celestial bodies and are both done in mostly green and blue. Both are comprised of organic and geometric shapes and contain religious symbolism in the form of churches and Chagall’s green man has a cross around his neck, but the greatest similarity I see about the two paintings is a swirling playfulness from Van Gogh’s exaggerated stars and clouds to Chagall’s up-side-down musician and houses. I like the free license of post impressionism and modernism that allows the artists to convey their personal

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