Compare And Differences Of The Industrial And Digital Revolution

Industrial and Digital Revolution

Throughout the history of the world there have been many revolutions that has defined and changed the world forever. A revolution can be defined as a turning point of a historical event at the time it was happening. Two of the most influenced revolution that has changed the face of the world are the Industrial and Digital Revolution. The Industrial Revolution which took place from eighteenth to early 20th Century, was fast development of machinery, and vast growing world changing technology which started in Britain and later in America. The Digital Revolution as dictionary defines is referred to as the advancement of technology from analog electronic and mechanical devices to the digital technology which
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Innovations created in the both revolutions have and will impact the world for thousands of generations to come. With the Industrial Revolution starting the technology and machinery revolution, as it was invented to miniaturize human labor. As the changing technology came up on people the new innovations made the quality of human life better, as they had machines to reduce the amount of work. Manuel Castells who works for MIT Technology Review says that with the wireless communication in the early Twenty First Century us humankind is closer to now almost entirely connected. What Manuel is stated would not have been possible without the work from the early days of the Industrial Revolution with the creation of telegraph which was used to communicate long distance like we do today with wire laid between stations. Digital Revolution brought many changes among us like in the Industrial Revolution and made the quality of human lives better. Technology such as telephones and cell phones helped people communicate easier and saved them lots of time in between them as well. Without the help from new and advance telecommunication technology people had to travel hundreds and thousands of miles crosses the world to talk to a person or send a letter to communicate. Industrial and digital both also have big impact on how we travel today. In the early …show more content…
The major difference to the two of the greatest revolutions would be a child labor in the early days of the Industrial Revolution. At the time of the industrial revolution there were no rules and regulation on age requirement on a job one can do. However as industrial revolution came to end the law changed as on what the minimum age requirement should when working on factories and other dangerous work places. When Industrial Revolution was still young the major difference also came when comparing to Digital Revolution. In the early years of Industrial Revolution, the work places were packed with people and without laws and regulations the work places such as factories had hazard situations. As factories grew people from rural areas moved to bigger cities with government lack of supervision creating difficult places for people to live upon. With apartment building closes to each other and without running water people had hard time cleaning themselves. Sometimes a bowl of water would be used to shower up to twelve to thirteen people at once. Creating germs and unhealthy living environments thousands of people died from diseases. The Digital Revolution has brought many changes to our lives like Industrial Revolution brought upon us. The most changinginnovations that differs from Industrial Revolution is colored televisions. Televisions have changed the way we use to

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