Compare and Contrast Two Similar Buildings Essay

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| BE0898 Advanced Measurement and Technology – Coursework 1The Evolution of Building TechnologyByT021380 | Site A:Leeds College of Art (Formerly Joseph Kramer College)Blenheim WalkLeedsLS2 9AQ | Site B:Bournville College1 Longbridge LaneLongbridgeBirminghamB31 2AJ | WORD COUNT:6609 | Module Tutors:Jess Tindall & David Morton |


1. Introduction 2

2. Site A: Leeds College of Art 3.1. Overview 3 3.2. Policies 4 3.3. Specification 5-8

3. Site B: Bournville College 4.4. Overview 9 4.5. Policies 10-11 4.6. Specification 12-22

4. Comparison of Sites 5.7. Overview 23 5.8.
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2.3.2 Framework

A steel frame was incorporated to allow for large open spans within the building for art studios and galleries.

2.3.3 External Walls

All external walls were insulated cavity block and brick construction. This would have taken up a significant part of the onsite programme with bricklayers working off scaffolding. Consideration would have been taken as to site storage of materials, safe transport up scaffolding. There is generally about 5-10% material waste associated with bricklaying, this would have all been skipped and sent to landfill.

(Leeds College of Art:2006)
2.3.4 Windows and Doors

Glazing is minimised and recessed to the Woodhouse Road elevation due to the noise pollution from traffic. The insulated Brick and Block cavity walls would have been much more effective at minimising noise levels. With Fire Regulations forming part of the initial Building Regulations there are areas of fire glass adjacent to other structures inline with regulations however there was not a specific energy requirement for windows at this time. Windows are controlled by manually operated winding gear.

(Google Maps:2010)
2.3.5 Roof

A split roof design was implemented effectively breaking the building into two parts with a central staircase section between which acts as a light well. The roof itself is of traditional clay tile construction with insulation installed to achieve the required U-value to meet

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