Compare and Contrast the Pre and Post 9/11 Law Enforcement Response to Terrorism. What Strategies Could Be Implemented to Increase Future Law Enforcement Capability in Countering Terrorism?

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Compare and contrast the pre and post 9/11 law enforcement response to terrorism. What strategies could be implemented to increase future law enforcement capability in countering terrorism?

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“Things will never be the same.” (Miller, Stone & Mitchell, 2002, p. 3) Law enforcement has undergone dramatic changes as a result of the devastating events in the United States on 11 September 2001 (9/11). This essay will examine how law enforcement, specifically within Australia, has shifted its policies and strategies to fight the post-9/11 terrorist threat. An analysis of police actions towards terrorist related incidents since 9/11, displays how law enforcement agencies have demonstrated their
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(Counter-Terrorism White Paper, 2010, p. 57).

In 2010, the Australian Government released the Counter-Terrorism White Paper. It outlines that Australia’s counter-terrorism strategy has four key elements: “Analysis – an intelligence-led response to terrorism driven by a properly connected and properly informed national security community; Protection – taking all necessary and practical action to protect Australia and Australians from terrorism at home and abroad; Response – providing an immediate and targeted response to specific terrorist threats and terrorist attacks should they occur; and Resilience – building a strong and resilient Australian community to resist the development of any form of violent extremism and terrorism on the home front.” (Counter-Terrorism White Paper, 2010, p iii). The threat against Australia is very real, despite the fact that “South East Asian countries, notably Indonesia, have had significant success against terrorism in recent years.” (Counter-Terrorism White Paper, 2010, p 11) Both before, and after 9/11, Australia has been singled out by various terrorist leaders. Although al-Qa’ida has not launched any direct attacks against Australia, it has displayed its intent in doing so. Terrorists, inspired by al-Qa’ida’s actions, continue to plan attacks against Australia. (Counter-Terrorism White Paper, 2010, p 13)

Al-Qa’ida’s ideology is based on their belief that the West, led by the United States of America, is committed to enforcing

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