Compare And Contrast The French Revolution And American Revolution

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"The American Revolution inspired many people around the world" (Corfield). The American change society and the world completely by making a global republic in the world. Leaving a ""model for revolutions and wars of national liberation" to follow starting with the French and Haitian Revolutions. The French Revolution did have many things that were similar to the American, they saw the Americans as an example. The Americans fought for their freedom and got it so they French wanted to do the same. The American Revolution and The French Revolution could have been like twins but even twins have something unique to tell them apart..

The American Revolution began from 1775 to 1783 and shortly after so did The French Revolution it was from 1789 to 1799. What the American Revolution did was to inspire people from around to the world in the ideas of democracy and France completely supporter them. They sent many soldiers to America to fight and help financially in war. The money that was paid for the American War led to a financial crisis and that resulted to other events led to the French Revolution. The American Revolution was in the control of King George III. Such issues arises between the colonies and Britain like political and social. Many of the American men were not
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They wanted to escape from their government who they felt were treating them unfairly. Their inspiration make from the Enlightenment ideals. Their concerns were to have power and control of their rights. Both of the countries had too many poor citizens and they were paying taxes that were extremely pricey due to the past war. The American Revolution and the French Revolution were more concerned about their people. All they wanted was for everyone to have liberty and justice. In the French it was the peasants who won against the Nobles and in the Americans it was the colonies who won against the

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