Richard Cory: True Vs. Apperecur Happiness

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Richard Cory: True vs Apperecur Happiness I was born on June 12, 1929, in Frankfurt, Germany. Me and my family are a middle class family and we are Jews. My father is Otto Frank and my mother is Edith Frank and my sister Margot. I go to a wonderful school and have lot of friends. But my father said that we will be moving to Amsterdam in a week which means I will have to make new friends all over again. A week has past and we are all packed ready to go to Amsterdam i said my goodbye to my great friends who I will miss a lot. But Margot said that I will soon make new ones. We are here and my dad has bought a beautiful house. The next day I go to school it is a Jewish school and I made jewish and Christians friends.
It has been a year since
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Who took them?”
Father “Listen girls the men you see in suits are Nazis and thay are here to get to jews and take them to a horrible camp the things they do to them is unimaginable. And we are jews so they are here for us.”
Margot “What do you mean dom horrible thing is that where they took Luke and Lucy?”
Me “What is going to happen to us?”
Father “We will have to go into hiding Jack has place for us it is a old building that no one uses we will hide thare. Every one collecte your most important thing because we are leaving
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The moon comes out and it is so dark out. We don't walk far to get to this old house. My father opens the door and lets us in. We sleep on the floor and wait for the sun to give us light. It is morning and we unpacked our thinks. A week has past and I have heard from my dad's helper that bring us food that the Nazi have caught many people. A month has past and it is the same routine we never step outside Margot think that we are going to be here for ever and I beging to think that what she says is real. It's been 2 years and i have been hearing Nazi soldier walk around are hiding place but never come in. they have arrested my and my mother won't tell me why I am starting to get scared last night one of the Nazi soldier got really close to our hiding place. And my dad's helpers have not been able to bring us food because the Nazis are all around but they have managed to get us some food finally I have been starving. A day after the helpers gave us food the Nazis came into our hiding spot and captured us all we were taken to a concentration camp. I looked around everything was black and white with small looking houses nest to each other. Some people were marching and some were doing work. Then we made are way to a big house once everyone was inside they clothes all the door and made us put on these striped ones. I saw some soldiers take our clothes and burn them. They made us march and

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