Compare And Contrast Hinduism And Confucianism

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1. Confucianism and Hinduism are two religions that are both similar and different here’s how. Confucianism originally came from china in 3rd century the person who founded it was named Confucius, his goal was to find an ideal monarch who could restore peace and order to China. Hinduism on the other hand had no single founder, and no deity to specifically worship. They both teach things like putting others before yourself. Also the teachings can be taken in different ways, because there is specific thing to be worshiping or praying to.

2. The way women are treated in the classical civilizations are generally the same among the cultures with a few exceptions. For example women in China have a way to obtain some power in their household through their son-in-law or their father. Also in China if you are the first wife you have the most privilege and any other wife after you is ranked below you. Your husband can also get married to as many women as he wants as well.In Islam the wife must treat he husband like a god as well. In India in the caste system the price for willing a women was half the price of killing a man too. As well as in the middle east women were secluded and kept from other men. They were often in harems and concubines who were slaves who could win freedom by bearing healthy sons for their rulers.
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The crusades which were a series of military adventures initially launched by western christians to free the holy land.They temporarily captured the city of Jerusalem and established a kingdom there later on. The impact of the crusades ended up working in Islam's favor though. It happened because there had been so much contact between the christians and muslims through trade it’s hard to tell who got their ideas and weapons from whom. Like the famous Damascene sword from Islam. Europe loved taking Muslims ideas for fortifying defences and using them as their own or trying to make them

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