Compare And Contrast Ellen And Oprah Winfrey

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Talk shows have become a bit of an American Staple entertaining home viewers for years. Two of the most successful and powerful women in the talk show industry are Oprah Winfrey and Ellen DeGeneres, this dual of leading ladies have taken the lead as talk show queens. Both Oprah and Ellen have surpassed many obstacles, but their background, talk show style, and accomplishments have made them rise above the challenge and reach the height of superstardom and financial wealth. Oprah Winfrey is a strong African American women who overcame many minority obstacles to her stardom; on the other hand, Ellen is a white American women who struggled with her identity issues before her success. Oprah was born into poverty in a small town of Mississippi, to an unwed teenage mom. By the age of nine Oprah was raped by male relatives and became pregnant. By the age of fourteen Oprah had a baby which she did not survive. …show more content…
The Oprah Winfrey show went on to air for twenty five seasons, it remains the highest rated talk show in American television history. The show was extremely influential even in a spiritual sense. Oprah used her platform to interview famous stars, politicians, and spread awareness on different issues affecting our nation. She also started her own book club. The last show aired in 2011.While, The Ellen show will soon begin on its fourteenth season it continues to gain rating from viewers with her fun dance moves and comedic personality she interviews famous people, gives the chance for ordinary people doing extraordinary things to come on the show, she also spreads awareness on same sex marriage. But no one has been able to regain the power and magnitude that the Oprah show once

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