Comparative Ethnic Studies : The Construction And Issues Of Race

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Comparative Ethnic Studies focuses on the construction and issues of race that consist throughout the world. These issues can range from the generation of media propaganda during the civil war to the rise of concerns relating to Syrian refugees. However, within the United States one racial group often receives much more hatred and criticism than others, blacks. Society focuses on the idea of hip-hop music promoting violence between gangs or the large population of African Americans incarcerated. However the thoughts and concerns of these individuals and their struggles often can be traced to their lives within the poverty cycle: an endless cycle of the poorest individuals continue to stay poor.
The idea of the poverty cycle is that an individual who grows up in a poor family, will then have a family of their own which is also poor. The parents will not be able to fully support their children to their maximum potential, due as a lack of education, influences from poverty stricken environments, and inadequate support systems. The poverty cycles connection to the foundations of comparative ethnic studies is a result of the mistreatment and insufficient care that individuals of poverty stricken environments encounter throughout their path in life. This is an issue that takes place across millions of homes throughout the United States in which individuals have no or very few outlets to escape this sequence of generations. The importance of these issues attached with the poverty…

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