Essay on Comparative Critique Of Fat And Happy

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Comparative Critique of “Fat and Happy In Defense of Fat Acceptance” and “Fat and Happy?” Obesity has expanded worldwide and has become a national controversy. In modern days, it is common to see individuals who are overweight and In “Fat and Happy: In Defense of Fat Acceptance” by Mary Ray Worley and “Fat and Happy?” by Hillel Schwartz the topic of obesity is discussed. Although Worley and Schwartz believe individuals generally despise fat people, Worley claims that individuals should look for acceptance of their weight while Schwartz claims the world should strive for a common, obese weight. Struggling with being overweight, Worley decides to attend the National Association of Advance Fat Acceptance and describes this experience as “visiting a different planet” (Worley 163). At this convention, overweight people were wearing stylish swimsuits and showing off their bodies by belling dancing when normally they would have been ashamed and concealed their figure. During this time, Worley, looking past what most people would see as flaws, saw beauty in the individuals. Most people in this world see the faults; fat individuals feel they can not appear in public or wear clothing that reveals any of their body for fear they will offend others (Worley 165). Not only are citizens harming the obese, physicians are failing to help as well. Worley acknowledges that one of the most prejudice people around is doctors; they treat ones weight before considering the reason he or she came…

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