Company Creative Name Inc. Essay

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Module 8 Portfolio The company Creative Name Inc. is in need of a unified solution for the deployment of a corporate network. Of the technical difficulties to overcome is the layout of their corporation. Creative Name Inc. resides in two geographically separated locations, one on the west coast (the main office) and one on the east coast. While Creative Name Inc. is in two different locations, they want their network to function as though it is in the same building and location. To facilitate this, server editions based off Windows Server 2012 will be implemented. Domain Name Systems (DNS), Domain Controllers (DC), Active Directory (AD), file sharing, and print sharing are all requested additions to this unified network solution. In addition to the network requirements, a brief overview of labor and scheduling will be discussed in the Overview section so Creative Name Inc. has a whole picture view of the implementation of their network solution.
Deployment and Server Editions
Servers are the heart and brains of any network solution. Because of this, they need to be robust and have capable software resources. Windows Server 2012 R2 has the necessary features and stability to meet these needs. To keep with the robust necessity of the network, Windows Server 2012 datacenter will be utilized as the server edition. The ability to have many servers virtualized will vastly improve the network reliability over the standard edition; the standard edition has a limit of two…

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