Company Case Study: Zynga Company

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Zynga Company Case Study
The development and success of the company Zynga as with many startup companies has had many ups and downs to struggle through. Mark Pincus is the founder of Zynga and is headquartered in San Francisco, California. Mark was previously operating under a company named “Presido Media” that name was later changed to Zynga after Mark’s bulldog named Zinga had passed away (Takahashi, 2011).
The company provides social games that work as stand-alone in phone platforms like Android, windows phone and Apple which are facilitated through the company’s social networking websites like Google Plus, Tencent QQ, and Facebook. Zynga’s first revenues came from Myspace where the majority of gaming companies were making
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In the beginning years Zynga’s user base saw phenomenal growth through Facebooks platform, in 2009 Zynga was labeled as the number one game operator is the U.S. (Takahashi, 2011). All was well until as we’ve all probably experienced the relentless pop-up ads, game request from friends, and glitches within different games. Customers started complaining and Facebook responding by laying new rules for gaming companies and requiring a universal a Facebook virtual currency in which Facebook would get a thirty percent reduction cost in transactions (Takahashi 2011). Reluctant to do so Zynga launched their own platform and both Facebook and Zynga saw a dramatic reduction of presence on the social network and gaming network. Eventually after realizing they both needed each other for continued growth they struck a deal that was mutually beneficial for both …show more content…
Zynga is operating in a highly technological environment that is continually advancing. The gaming industry has been greatly revolutionized by items like; Apple, tablets, and smart phone of all kinds. Research shows that in 2010 a shift to handheld platforms drastically changed producer’s products, as smart phones were outselling personal computers (Shekhar, 2014). The advancement of technology has led to many more security and privacy issues, as Zynga experienced at the beginning of their launch in 2008. Within hours of initiating their payment systems it was over-hauled by fraud, and had it not been handled properly and quickly Zynga might have faced irreversible odds for the company (Takahashi 2011). Political and legal factors are heightened as Zynga has faced several law suits a good example of such is in its launch of Mafia Wars that attracted a lawsuit from the Mob War makers who accused Zynga of copying every aspect of the game. The claim was later resolved out of court but Zynga faced numerous claims from competitors on several other

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