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1. Introduction 3 1.1 Introduction of the company 3 2. Industry Analysis 5 2.1 Porter’s Five Force Analysis 6 2.1.1 Bargaining Power of customers 6 2.1.2 Bargaining Power of Supplier 7 2.1.3 Risk of Entry by Potential competitors 7 2.1.4 Threat of substitutes 7 2.2 Competitor Analysis 8 3. Comparison of Financial Performance 10 3.1 Competitor Introduction 10 3.2 Ratio analysis 10 3.2.1 Net Interest Margin 11 3.2.2 Operating profit margin 12 3.2.3 Return on Equity ratio 13 3.2.4 Return on Capital Employed 14 3.2.5 Asset Turnover 15 3.2.6 Gearing ratio 16 3.2.7 Interest Cover 17 3.2.8 Earnings per Share Ratio 17 4 Analysis of the financing sources 18 4.1
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In doing so the report analyses 2 main suggestions which is either to purchase ordinary shares or to purchase debentures. Carrying out a critical analysis on positive and negative consequences of these 2 options, the report concludes with the most positive option for the company to consider. 1.1 Introduction of the company
Bank Of Ceylon (BOC) is known to be the first bank in Sri Lanka, which has been established in 1939 by the British, when Sri Lanka was still been under British ruling. However after the independency for Sri Lanka and the establishment of central bank of Sri Lanka, BOC too came under the regulations of Central Bank of Sri Lanka. Bank of Ceylon was established and was operating as a private organization however along the time period with the influence of government changes in Sri Lanka, this has become a semi government owned to government owned corporation. From 1939 to 2014, Bank of Ceylon has shoved its path with enhancing its performance and innovating the services provided to its customers. This thereby has resulted in celebrating successful 75th anniversary in 2014. During these 75 years BOC has achieved many milestones including establishing branches in UK, Male, India and Seychelles, establishing its own subsidiaries, been the first to introduce credit cards to Sri Lanka in 1989 joining with Visa international as well as recording the highest

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