Essay on Company Analysis : Hudson Precision Products Company

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For years the manufacturing industry in the United States has been pressured by overseas organizations. At the company I work for, Hudson Precision Products Company (HPPC), we have withstood these pressures as much as possible. But in the next 20 years, HPPC will need to undergo some serious changes in order to survive. As an increasing number of domestic companies take their business overseas, it threatens the viability of HPPC 's business. With lower costs of production and a greater access to new technology, foreign manufacturers seem to have the upper hand.

Currently, HPPC does not create their own products; they only make parts for other companies ' products. The way for HPPC to combat these pressures is to introduce a product development sector of their business in addition to the already existing part production sector. The new sector will allow HPPC to develop and produce their own products using current machinery and skilled laborers. The reason this new sector will protect them from increased competition overseas is because it will allow HPPC to create their own products. Since it will be a HPPC product, they will have control over how it is marketed and who they sell it to. It will provide another form of income and decrease their dependency on their part production.

Kotter 's Change Model would be the best approach for HPPC to take. The idea of starting a product development sector at HPPC has been talked about for a long time. While everyone agrees that it 's…

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