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Multiple Choice Questions

1. One of the most dramatic changes in connectivity and communications in the past five years has been
A. mobile telephones with wireless Internet connectivity.
B. chat rooms.
C. satellite uplinks.
D. running programs on remote computers.

2. Which among the following originate and accept messages in the form of data, information, and/or instructions?
A. Communication channel
B. Sending and receiving devices
C. Connection devices
D. Data transmission specifications

3. Sending incoming and outgoing information in the form of packets is a feature of:
A. connection devices.
B. sending and receiving devices.
C. storage devices.
D. secondary devices.

4. Which physical
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A. voiceband
B. medium band
C. broadband
D. mega-band

14. A unique numeric address used by the computer to deliver e-mail and to locate Web sites is called the
A. domain address.
B. protocol address.
C. IP address.
D. Web address.

15. ____ is the process of breaking down information sent or transmitted across the Internet into small parts called packets.
A. Protocol
B. Bandwidth
C. Packetization
D. Identification

16. The essential features of this include identifying sending and receiving devices, and packeting information for transmission across the Internet.
A. Simple mail transfer protocol
B. Transmission control protocol/Internet protocol
C. File transfer protocol
D. Hypertext transfer protocol

17. The ______ is the central node for all the other nodes connected to the network.
A. client
B. server
C. switch
D. gateway

18. A system in which computing power is shared by several separate computers linked by a communications network is called a
A. distributed processing.
B. hierarchical processing.
C. network processing.
D. centralized processing.

19. This device enables connectivity between two LANS or a LAN and a larger network.
A. Network gateway
B. Switcher
C. Switch
D. Router

20. A network in which the central computer is a host to a cluster of other computers that in turn are hosts is called a ____ network.
A. star

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