Community Saftey Essay

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Parts of this paper was turn in March Law Enforcement Management

Dadrena Whigham

Colorado Technical University
CJUS630-1302A-01 Law Enforcement Management
Phase 4 individual Project
Assistant Professor Peter J. Herdt
May 6, 2013


While community policing is being touted by some as the panacea for all problems in the criminal justice system, others believe that it is just "old wine in a new bottle." Many departments around the country have embraced the tenets of community policing, yet few can answer the bottom-line question: Is it a better way to
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The reorganization was the first step in the effort to ensure senior staff members understand their responsibilities these officers will require more training for the Department.

Problem Some of the officers originally selected for Community Policing assignments were pull from desk duty unable to function effectively, due largely to inexperience on the street. The autonomy and ability to utilize external resources, so critical to the effectiveness of Community Policing Officers' efforts, were simply unrealistic expectations for some of the younger, less experienced officers chosen for Community Policing. Response The things learned include not to assume that younger officers, being less imbued with traditional values and methods or less "set in their ways", are easier to train more open to, or capable of, performing under the community policing philosophy and the older, experienced officers are "locked into" in a traditional mind set. But what is showed was the older officers took up the slack for inexperience officers with valuable life experiences and emotional maturity, while young new officers were often overwhelmed by their community policing responsibilities so the exchange was great for booth of the officers.

Using specific elements of the police

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