Community Policing Essay

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This dissertation will examine the Community-Oriented Policing Model and determine if it is or isn’t proven to be an effective way of policing. Crime has been a major problem and concern for law enforcement as early as the 1900’s. Citizens had become fed up with such high crime rates and order maintenance issues, and felt something needed to be done to prevent crime and restore order. There are several policing strategies that have been implemented from the traditional model of policing to the Community-Oriented Policing Model in how Police Officers deter crime and how they work with community leaders in order to deter crime, restore order and make neighborhoods a safer place to live. This paper will discuss some of the outcomes and the …show more content…
157). Nevertheless, many social changes have occurred over the decades and it has been proven time and time again that traditional policing methods are definitely not as effective in addressing the needs of the communities. Its failures resulted in communities becoming more diverse while problems changed as drugs and violent crimes became more common in urban communities.
In the 1990’s, Community-Oriented Police (COP) adopted proactive policing strategies that initiated action instead of waiting for calls. Bohm & Haley (2007) states that achieving the goals of community policing requires successful implementation of three essential and complimentary components or organizational strategies: community partnership, problem solving, and management (p. 233). The shift to a community policing philosophy acknowledges the importance of citizen information as the basis for solving crimes, arresting offenders, and the need for positive police–citizen relations to this end. This requires a strong mutual partnership between the two in order for it to be successful. This partnership was designed to improve the quality of life in the community through the introduction of strategies designed to enhance neighborhood solidarity and safety.
The concept of COP is essentially a philosophy of policing that is often difficult to transform into policy (Oliver, p. 24). It has been a

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