Community Policing And The Police Service Essay

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Introduction The Office for National Statistics stated on 9th May 2013 that The CSEW shows a clear pattern of change over the last 30 years and that incidents of crime are now 53% lower than they were in 1995. The statistics from the Crime Survey for England and Wales 2013 show us that despite the current level of funding cuts from central government, the police service are continuing to tackle crime and partner agencies are supporting the trend for reduced reoffending. Within the Cumbria constabulary force area a key priority is to Promote restorative justice, encouraging a broader and more joined-up approach to the use of community resolutions to address offenders behaviour, this priority was given as part of the making Cumbria an even safer place, police and crime plan 2013-2017.
Community policing, presents the idea that responsibility for policing neibourhoods doesn’t soley rely on the police but is the responsibility of everyone who lives within the community. The Communial policing model speaks to a standard change in the way that law implementation and society view and react to wrongdoing and miscaridges of justice both pro and anti police. The theory behind community policing recommends that officers, occupants, and group organizations need to work together to enhance personal satisfaction in neighbourhoods. As an essential segment of community equity, a neighbourhood policing plan sets to impart responsibility for wrongdoing avoidance as well as…

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